Dedicated 10 Drawer Gemtracs

Gemtrac by Russ Bassett

This unique pull out shelving concept revolutionized media storage, providing both high density and easy retrieval in a modular, self-contained design.

Each Gemtrac unit consists of two large cabinets facing each other, each with pull-out vertical drawers that share common overhead tracks. Units ship set-up facilitating a quick and simple installation process. These dedicated DLT units consists of vertical 10 drawers holding up to 4,480 DLT tapes in just 25 square feet. Units are set side by side to create a media aisle where thousands of tapes can be accessed within just a few steps. Each open drawer exposes upto 448 tapes for quick access.

  • Holds up to 4,480 tapes in one Gemtrac
  • 5.5" Wide Drawers
  • All Gemtracs are 120" Wide and 30" Deep
  • Available in Neutral Grey or Black Textured
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Bulk Filing
Order bookends and wire racks separately Bulk Filing

Model Description Height Capacity
G10-81-X Gemtrac, 81" H, 10 Dwr, 14 Shelf - Bulk Filing 81" 3,920
G10-85-X Gemtrac, 85" H, 10 Dwr, 15 Shelf - Bulk Filing 85" 4,200
G10-90-X Gemtrac, 90" H, 10 Dwr, 16 Shelf - Bulk Filing 90" 4,480

Slotted Filing
With wire racks Slotted Filing

Model Description Height Capacity
G10-81-25 Gemtrac, 81" H, 10 Dwr, 14 Shelf - 25 Slot 81" 3,500
G10-85-25 Gemtrac, 85" H, 10 Dwr, 15 Shelf - 25 Slot 85" 3,750
G10-90-25 Gemtrac, 90" H, 10 Dwr, 16 Shelf - 25 Slot 90" 4,000


Gemtrac has 3 heights

3 Cabinet Heights
Gemtrac cabinets come in 3 heights, 81, 85 and 90 inches.

Gemtrac has 1 width and depth

One width, one depth
Standard Gemtrac systems are 120 inches wide, and 30.25 inches deep, as you enter the aisle.

Optional Gang Locks

Optional Gang Locks
For an added level of security, Gemtrac cabinets may be specified to include Optional Gang Locks with common keying to secure all drawers.

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