Dedicated Promedia Cabinets

Cabinets by Russ Bassett

LTO tapes are stored both in the protective plastic case and with NO Case. This collection of cabinets is designed specifically to provide the highest density possible when the tapes are stored with IN THE CASE. These 5" drawers come with welded dividers providing 6 front to rear rows. Drawres can either be set up for bulk filing or dedicated slots. Drawers are supported on Heavy Duty Accuride slides, safety interlocks and the cabinets are painted with a stable, no-offgassing powder coat finish as specified by the National Archives to protect your valuable media collection.

  • Holds up to 1,200 tapes in one Cabinet
  • 5" High Drawers with Welded Dividers
  • All Cabinets are 36" Wide and 24" Deep
  • Available in Neutral Grey or Black Smooth
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LTO in case

Bulk Filing
With one bookend per cabinet Bulk Filing

Model Description Height Capacity
PM5-10W Promedia 10 Drawer Cabinet with 5" Drawers - Bulk Filing 56" 1,200
Note: Drawer comes with 6 dedicated rows holding 20 tapes per row which adds up to 120 tapes per drawer

Slotted Filing
With wire racks Slotted Filing

Model Description Height Capacity
PM5-10W-18 Promedia 10 Drawer Cabinet with 5" Drawers - 18 Slots per row 56" 1,080
Note: Drawer comes with 6 dedicated rows holding 18 tapes per row in dedicated slots, which adds up to 108 tapes per drawer


Optional Locks and interlocks

Locks and interlocks
Drawer interlocks, which prevent more than one drawer from opening at a time for safety, are provided on all Russ Bassett cabinets. Optional turn-key locks provide security and access control.

Heavy Duty Slides

Heavy Duty Slides and Full Width Pull
Heavy duty, ball bearing slides provide smooth movement and full access to the drawer interior. Full width pulls add convenience and contemporary appearance and include an integrated label holder.

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