About Russ Bassett

Russ Bassett Corporation designs and manufactures a broad selection of technical furniture, console and media storage products.

This includes small cassettes, small, medium and large format tape cassettes and CD/DVD discs. You may specify pre-configured cabinets for single media collections or build-your-own cabinets for mixed format collections. This latter style cabinet allows drawers to be easily reconfigured as your collection changes. Cabinets can can even be specified with different height drawers for maximum customization.

Console Systems

Our technical furniture and console solutions combine technology integration with workspace ergonomics. Products range from technology friendly commercial workstations to 24/7 command and control consoles. Often serving mission critical environments, applications include military "war room" command centers, utility control rooms, public safety dispatch and network operations centers.

Media Storage

The media storage products are designed specifically to house data tape, professional A/V formats, microfilm and hard copy documents. Products range from small desktop cabinets to multi story storage structures serving fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, government depositories, libraries, archives and large media vaults.

Russ Bassett History

Mr. Russ Bassett founded his company in October 1960 in Whittier California, where it remains today.

With a background in metal office furniture, Mr. Bassett founded this company to make small desk top organizers and other special modifications to be sold with standard furniture that he was selling through his office furniture dealership.

Over the years the complexity of the products grew to include, library shelving, lot books, museum cabinets and vault trucks as well as many specials along the way.

In the mid 1970's Russ's son Ed took over the business and developed a standard line of microfilm cabinets, established national distribution and became the leading supplier of microfilm cabinets to libraries and financial institutions across the country.

In the late 80's a private group, led by management, purchased the company from the Bassett family.

Since this time, through acquisitions that included Visuflex, Core Technologies, IDP and Gemtek and internal product development, the company has expanded the microfilm storage to include storage for all media, including data tapes, cd's and professional audio/ video formats. These products are marketed under the product names Promedia, Slidetrac, Gemtrac, Maxrac, Rolltrac and Ractrac. Additionally storage for paper media is provided through the Slimcase and Specifier series cabinets.

In 2003 Russ Bassett Corporation acquired Desience, a well-established designer and supplier of command center consoles. The Desience name has been retained and the product line expanded to include consoles and technical furniture for public safety, emergency operations centers, utility control rooms and network operations centers.